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Sublert- A Security Reconnaissance Tool

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Sublert is a security and reconnaissance tool that was written in Python 

To leverage certificate transparency for the sole purpose of monitoring new subdomains deployed by specific organizations and issued TLS/SSL certificate.

The tool is supposed to be scheduled to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals (Ideally each day). New identified subdomains will be sent to Slack workspace with a notification push. Furthermore, the tool performs DNS resolution to determine working subdomains.


  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) running on Unix. 

  • Python 2.x or 3.x.

  • Free Slack workplace.


Short Form   Long Form   Description
-u     –urlAdds a domain to monitor. E.g:
-d    –deleteDomain to remove from the monitored list. E.g:
-a     –listListing all monitored domains.
-t    –threadsNumber of concurrent threads to use (Default: 20).
-r    –resolvePerform DNS resolution.
-l    –loggingEnable Slack-based error logging.
-m     –resetReset everything.

Is there a roadmap?

YES! The tool is now open sourced to be used by the community but contributions are valuable and highly appreciated. I have a number of items that I will be working on to polish the tool, among of which are:

  • Use of a relational database instead of text files for storage.

  • Extracting as much information as possible including: title, status code, screenshot and checking for potential subdomain takeovers.

  • Integrate Telegram too for notification pushes.


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